SP-628 Lay-n Ceiling Speaker

TeachLogic’s Lay-In Ceiling Speaker is a full range compact coaxial ceiling speaker that provides low distortion and a smooth natural frequency response ideal for articulate vocal clarity. Included is a 12″ frame, a perforated steel grill, and an integrated steel back can and attached “T” bar for finished edge. It is a quick installation with minimal tile cutting.

  • Complete speaker assembly (12 x 24″)
  • Perforated steel grill
  • Heavy duty support for anti rattle or movement
  • Attached adjoining T-bar
  • Air sealed metal back can for an infinite baffle
  • 6.5″ cone driver with a 1″ Mylar dome tweeter
  • Completely painted, tile white
  • No speaker assembly required
  • Quick and efficient installation


Lay-in Ceiling speaker, (complete speaker assembly with 6.5″ two-way, 8 ohm, metal black can and tile bridge and ceiling “T” bar) (ETL plenum rated conforms to UL2043 standard)


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