IRH-35 Replacement Handheld Transmitter/Microphone

TeachLogic’s Handheld Infrared Transmitter/Microphone with NiMH Batteries (Channel A and B) has an ergonomic design that provides user comfort and very low handling noise. The unidirectional condenser reproduces excellent vocal quality and the windscreen prevents breath pops. The emitting diodes are located around the top and bottom end of the handle for 360° transmission and assured connectivity throughout the classroom. Two rechargeable NiMH batteries are included.

  • Condenser microphone element
  • Power “on/off” switch
  • Battery level indicator-LED
  • 2-channel selectable
  • 10 high-power emitting diodes
  • Diodes at top and bottom of handle for increased coverage (2 top aimed out, 6 bottom 360°, 2 bottom aimed down)
  • 360º IR radiation for assured connectivity


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