HoverCam CenterStage 8610 86″ Interactive Touch Display

4K Interactive Flat Panel Displays that fit any budget. Make every classroom a digital classroom.

The HoverCam CCS8610 CenterStage is an 86-inch, 4K interactive flat panel that comes with a 10-point multi-touch, shatter resistant glass. It allows teachers to create desktop annotations and records lessons in real-time. The HoverCam CenterStage also stores previous lessons, notes and bookmarks remotely. This innovative and affordable product is being announced with one goal in mind: Make every classroom a digital classroom. The CCS8610 comes with a one-year free subscription to HoverCam’s specialized lesson recording software, KnoteSter.

Teach, present, and review in real-time

Across America, interactive flat panel touch displays are quickly replacing traditional whiteboards. By synchronizing the IFPD touch technology and integrated HoverCam software, the HoverCam CenterStage allows educators to teach, present, and review in real-time, hassle-free. These cutting-edge features bring the best technology the tech world has to offer, putting the tools of tomorrow at the fingertips of today’s classrooms.


  • 86-inch screen size.
  • 4K UltraHD display resolution
  • Built-in Android operating system
  • 10-point, multi-touch
  • shatter resistant glass
  • Allows teachers to create desktop annotations
  • Records lessons in real-time
  • Stores previous lessons, notes, and bookmarks remotely


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