HoverCam CenterStage 6510 65″ Interactive Touch Display

CenterStage: 65″ interactive flat panel, 4K, 10-point touch, VESA wall mount

HoverCam CenterStage is the center of our digitally reimagined 21st century classroom. With CenterStage, teaching is no longer limited to chalk and dry erase markers. Instead, HoverCam has transformed teaching with new levels of interactivity. CenterStage allows you to play videos, browse the web, and annotate lessons all in a sleek, bright, 4K UltraHD flat panel. With this multi-touch, collaborative display, your classroom engagement possibilities are endless.

HoverCam aims to make every classroom a 21st century classroom by delivering the most affordable 65” interactive flat panel displays.


  • 65-inch 10-point multitouch shatter-resistant screen
  • Optional stand on wheels
  • i5 PC with Windows 10 (with option to upgrade to i7)
  • All wires and cables are concealed.
  • Power up with one switch
  • Everything integrated to work right out of the box

Dimensional Specs

  • Display Size : 165.10 cm
  • Display Size : 1651 mm
  • Display Size : 65 in
  • Display Size : 5.42 ft


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  • Release Date: 15 July, 2019

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