TeachLogic IRV-6650 VoiceLink III Infrared Wireless Handheld Microphone Sapphire System

The TeachLogic IRV-6650 VoiceLink III Infrared Wireless Microphone System includes the IRT-60 Sapphire Transmitter Microphone, IR-260 2-Channel VoiceLink III Receiver, ICS-55 Ceiling Sensor, BRC-15 Plug-In Charger for the microphone, and 50’ plenum rated cable. The handheld microphone enables voice transmission to the ceiling sensor that sends the signal to the two-channel receiver. The receiver allows simultaneous use of two wireless microphones. The receiver processes the signal and produces an analog signal of your voice for input to an amplified sound system (not included).

Product Description

The VoiceLink III system is a two-channel infrared wireless microphone system that can be an addition to any existing sound system whether in a classroom, conference room, banquet room, or district courtroom. The VoiceLink III features a two-channel infrared wireless microphone receiver for the simultaneous use of two wireless microphones: no messy cables and you have total freedom of movement throughout the room. An Aux/Comp input and front panel output for Lesson Capture. The line level output, balanced (phoenix 3-pin) or unbalanced (1/4″ phone), is connected to an existing sound system. Excellent vocal quality and reliable connectivity in excess of 30-foot radius to a central ceiling sensor. Interference-free transmission with 100% program material security (infrared will not transmit through walls).

  • Two infrared wireless microphone receivers
  • One 3.5mm front panel input for Aux/ Comp
  • One 3.5mm front output for Lesson Capture
  • One balanced line output 3-pin phoenix connector
  • Unbalanced output, 1/4″ phone
  • Excellent for recording with an active board for internet podcasts
  • Two external sensor inputs for ultimate coverage


  • Wall Mount Cabinet WC-400



TeachLogic BRC-60 overview

The BRC-60 Drop-in Charger from TeachLogic is used to power up one IRH-35 handheld transmitter and up to two IRT-55/60 Sapphire transmitters. The BRC-60 can also be powered directly from the USB port on Maxim III and Spectrum III amplifiers.

The addition of a set of magnets on the bottom of the charger allows rock solid attachment to a WM-400 wall Cabinet (sold separately). Using this wall cabinet allows you to free up valuable space for other classroom items and makes for a very clean install by hiding all the cables. The magnets can be replaced with included rubber feet.

Teach Logic IRH-35 Microphones

Handheld transmitter/microphone channel A and B with two “AA” Duracel batteries
  • Condenser microphone element
  • Power “on/off” switch
  • Battery level indicator—LED
  • Channel “A” or “B” selectable
  • 10 high-power emitting diodes
  • Diodes at top and bottom of handle for increased
    Coverage (2 Top aimed out, 6 Bottom 360°, 2 Bottom aimed down)
  • 360º IR radiation for assured connectivity
  • Two “AA”, Duracell, rechargeable NiMH batteries


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