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TeachLogic IRV-1350 Voice Link I Infrared Wireless Microphone System

TeachLogic IRV-1350 Voice Link I


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The TeachLogic IRV-1350 Voice Link I Infrared Wireless Microphone System includes the IRH-35 Handheld Transmitter Microphone, IR-100 Receiver, ICS-55 Ceiling Sensor, BRC-101 Drop-In Charger for the microphone, and 50’ plenum rated cable. The handheld microphone enables voice transmission to the ceiling sensor that sends the signal to the receiver. The receiver processes the signal and produces an analog signal of your voice for input to an amplified sound system (not included).

This infrared wireless microphone system can be a supplement to an existing multimedia system to expand it’s utilization to provide voice reinforcement. The wireless function permits 360° connectivity throughout the classroom regardless of body position or orientation.

The transmitter features an on/off switch, LED battery level indicator, and 10 IR emitting diodes. It is enclosed in a metal housing that ensures low handling noise and durability. The rechargeable batteries allow up to 8 hours of use when fully charged.

The ICS-55 Ceiling Sensor comes with a mounting bracket and 50’ of plenum rated cable. The ideal location for the dome sensor would be in the center of the ceiling. This will provide a clear signal path for IR transmission from the transmitter to the dome sensor without obstruction. It collects the infrared transmission signal via 6 large detecting diodes. The sensor is connected to the mixer/amplifier via the plenum rated cable terminated with RCA connectors. The mixer/amplifier supplies the power to the sensor.

Teach Logic IRH-35 Microphones

Handheld transmitter/microphone channel A and B with two “AA” Duracell batteries
  • Condenser microphone element
  • Power “on/off” switch
  • Battery level indicator—LED
  • Channel “A” or “B” selectable
  • 10 high-power emitting diodes
  • Diodes at top and bottom of handle for increased
    Coverage (2 Top aimed out, 6 Bottom 360°, 2 Bottom aimed down)
  • 360º IR radiation for assured connectivity
  • Two “AA”, Duracell, rechargeable NiMH batteries

TeachLogic’s BRC-101 Drop-In Charger for IRH-35/40 Microphone/Transmitter is a drop-in charger for the TeachLogic IRH-35 and IRH-40 handheld microphone/transmitter.


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