Juno Capture – Teacher Edition (Upgrade from FrontRow Desktop)

Teacher Edition Capture makes lesson capture and sharing effortless! Records screen and audio, then automatically titles the recording based on the instructor’s schedule and saves it to a predetermined location so students have instant digital content. Allows unlimited-length recording in the universal MP4 format. Great for flipped and blended learning, homework support, and effortless makeup work.

Teacher Edition is available with any FrontRow classroom audio system including Juno, Pro Digital, and ezRoom. When used with Juno and Juno Connect, Teacher Edition lets teachers initiate and stop recording with simple voice commands, and also opens advanced setting options for your Juno hardware.

Teacher Edition Capture is the basic version of Teacher Edition. To be able to control third-party devices like projectors through your ezRoom or Juno Connect, system get the Teacher Edition Control plug-in.

For existing Juno users with FrontRow Desktop. Must have Juno Tower serial number to qualify for purchase.


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