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InFocus K12 JTouch INF7002e 70″ Interactive Touch Display

70″ Interactive Android Touch Display


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Main Features: 70″ JTouch, 4K Interactive Touch, Capacitive Touch, LightCast Ready, WB, DocViewer, Built-in Android OS, K12 only

Large Touchscreen Displays to Engage Audiences

Easy to Connect

 JTouch provides multiple ways to display your computer and your content.

  • Display your computer via HDMI, VGA or component video
  • Enable touch from your computer via the included USB Type-A cable
  • Add the LightCast Key to any LightCast-enabled model and unlock a suite of features, including wireless casting, a digital whiteboard, a web browser, and a document viewer
  • Add wireless display and touch control with our LiteShow 4 wireless adapter
  • No software install needed
  • Audio input and output connections for quality sound reinforcement

JTouch in Education

 The JTouch touchscreen display helps get the attention of students and your message across with its touch interactivity and incredible brightness, color and clarity.

  • Your images, text and video will be seen even in large classrooms with high ambient light
  • Get students engaged and involved with touch
  • Compatible with Mac, Chromebook or Windows devices

JTouch in Business

 Make your meetings more engaging with the brightness and touch interactivity of JTouch.

  • Your presentations will be crystal clear, bright and interactive
  • Test and present touch-enabled applications
  • Easy for guests to connect and present from their device
  • Turn JTouch into an interactive whiteboard with optional BigNote software on your PC
  • Extend a Mondopad‘s touch workspace to a JTouch and work with two Mondopad apps at the same time (Mondopad 2.0 software required)

Specification Chart Here: INFOCUS display promo


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