Casio RS-232 Adapter Cable for Slim Projectors

The 3.3′ Casio YK-60 RS-232 Adapter Cable is used with Casio’s Slim series of projectors. It allows you to connect a serial D-Sub 9-pin male cable to the projector’s proprietary serial port.
Cable Type: Serial
Cable Length: 3.30 ft
Connector on First End: 1 x 9-pin DB-9 Female RS-232C Serial
Device Supported: Projector, Video Device
Compatibility: Casio Projectors: XJ-A256, XJ-A251, XJ-A246, XJ-A241, XJ-A146, XJ-A141, XJ-A257, XJ-A252, XJ-A247, XJ-A242, XJ-A147, XJ-A142.


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