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Above-Ceiling Kit with Analog Ceiling Speakers & Wall Sensors

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This four-ceiling-speaker package features two separate wall sensors — useful for odd-shaped rooms or rooms with high ceilings, hanging student art, projector mounts, or other challenging obstructions.


  • One-Touch operation: Teachers need only turn on the mic to start teaching. The receiver automatically wakes up from its energy-saving sleep mode and goes to sleep when the mic is turned off.
  • Talk without dropout: Built-in sensor with advanced optics ensure consistent signal pick-up
  • Feedback suppression: The Adapto light reassures you it is automatically suppressing feedback – before it starts
  • Two channels for more dynamic teaching: Encourage student participation with a pass-around mic; or amplify two teachers at the same time
  • Easy audio control: Quickly and easily adjust the volume level of streaming audio and video content, CDs and MP3 files
  • Optimize speech clarity: OptiVoice, FrontRow’s patented technology, is specially designed to emphasize critical speech sounds, so kids comprehend even more
  • Easy recharging: Up to two transmitters can be charged directly from the receiver
  • External sensor ports: Get great signal pickup in almost any classroom with convenient ceilings or wall sensors
  • Simple speaker hook-up: Color-coded stereo push terminals make speaker connection quick and easy
  • Auxiliary output and volume control: Connect to computer to record all audio content for podcasting, or connect personal FM systems for the hearing impaired
  • Complete tech integration: Easily connect a computer or other technology to integrate true stereo audio into lessons
  • Corner-compatible sensor mounting bracket


  • 4 coaxial speakers
  • tile bridges and metal speaker enclosures designed for plenum spaces
  • 2 wall sensors
  • mounting brackets
  • 2 50ft plenum-rated sensor cables

For phased installations; install this kit first; then add infrared receiver system to finish. Speaker wire not included.


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