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TeachLogic IRV-3350 VoiceLink Plus Wireless Microphone System with 2 Wall Mount Speakers

The IRV-3350 VoiceLink Plus Wireless Microphone System with 2 Wall Mount Speakers by TeachLogic consists of an infrared wireless microphone receiver, a handheld infrared transmitter microphone, 2 wall-mount speakers with brackets, and a ceiling sensor. VoiceLink Plus systems are designed to reinforce the teacher’s voice and amplify media sources in classrooms. The IMA-100 wireless microphone receiver features a 20W amplifier, which powers the two SP-2000 wall-mount speakers. TeachLogic’s IRH-35 handheld infrared transmitter/microphone transmits the presenter’s voice while granting freedom of movement throughout the classroom via the ICS-55 infrared dome sensor receiver. A Duracell NiMH battery and a drop-in battery charger for the microphone are provided. Connection to a computer DVD or iPod is facilitated by an auxiliary input on the receiver’s front panel.


  • One infrared receiver channel
  • Two 10 watt amplifiers(20 watts total)
  • Extremely easy to interface with most video projectors
  • Speaker output (Dual 2-Pin)
  • One line level auxiliary input
  • Two sensor inputs
  • Mounting brackets
  • Ceiling mount sensor with 50′ cable

Teach Logic IRH-35 Microphones

Handheld transmitter/microphone channel A and B with two “AA” Duracell batteries
  • Condenser microphone element
  • Power “on/off” switch
  • Battery level indicator—LED
  • Channel “A” or “B” selectable
  • 10 high-power emitting diodes
  • Diodes at top and bottom of handle for increased
    Coverage (2 Top aimed out, 6 Bottom 360°, 2 Bottom aimed down)
  • 360º IR radiation for assured connectivity
  • Two “AA”, Duracell, rechargeable NiMH batteries

TeachLogic’s BRC-101 Drop-In Charger for IRH-35/40 Microphone/Transmitter is a drop-in charger for the TeachLogic IRH-35 and IRH-40 handheld microphone/transmitter.

SP-2000 Wall Mount Speaker

The TeachLogic SP-2000 is a full range 2-way compact wall mount/shelf mount speaker, providing low distortion and a smoother frequency response ideal for articulate vocal clarity for more even coverage. The included wall-mount bracket enables the unit to be secured against a wall or other flat surface.

Intended use: Indoor environment, mounted securely against a wall or other flat surface.

Power: 30 watts continuous

Impedance: 8 ohm


  • White
  • Speaker wire included with package: West Penn Wire, 100 ft, Plenum-rated, 18 gauge, 2-conductor.


  • The TeachLogic WM-2 Wall Mount Speaker Package consists of two SP-2000 wall mount speakers.


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