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TeachLogic IRV-3435 VoiceLink Plus Wireless Microphone System with 4 Ceiling Mount Speakers

The IRV-3435 VoiceLink Plus Wireless Microphone System with Four Ceiling Mount Panel Speakers from TeachLogic is designed for use in a classroom environment. The VoiceLink Plus reinforces the teacher’s voice and amplifies audio sources. The VoiceLink Plus system features an infrared wireless microphone receiver with a 20 watt amplifier designed to power four included speakers. The unit has an auxiliary input on the front panel, which facilitates the output of a computer DVD or iPod to supplement the instructional program.

The VoiceLink Plus comes with a handheld infrared transmitter/microphone with NiMH batteries (Channel A and B). The transmitter has an ergonomic design that provides user comfort and very low handling noise. The unidirectional condenser reproduces excellent vocal quality and the windscreen prevents breath pops. The emitting diodes are located around the top and bottom end of the handle for 360° transmission and assured connectivity throughout the classroom.

The IRV-3435 VoiceLink Plus also includes four ceiling mount speakers, a Duracell NiMH battery, a drop-in battery charger, and a ceiling sensor for IR connectivity.

  • One IR wireless microphone receiver
  • One Auxiliary front panel 3.5mm jack line level input with adjustable gain
  • Two RCA sensor inputs
  • One four-pin phoenix speaker connector
  • Mounting bracket
  • Light-weight at 1 lb

Teach Logic IRH-35 Microphones

Handheld transmitter/microphone channel A and B with two “AA” Duracell batteries
  • Condenser microphone element
  • Power “on/off” switch
  • Battery level indicator—LED
  • Channel “A” or “B” selectable
  • 10 high-power emitting diodes
  • Diodes at top and bottom of handle for increased
    Coverage (2 Top aimed out, 6 Bottom 360°, 2 Bottom aimed down)
  • 360º IR radiation for assured connectivity
  • Two “AA”, Duracell, rechargeable NiMH batteries

TeachLogic’s BRC-101 Drop-In Charger for IRH-35/40 Microphone/Transmitter is a drop-in charger for the TeachLogic IRH-35 and IRH-40 handheld microphone/transmitter.

SP-628 Ceiling Speaker

SP-628 is a 6.5″ two-way full range compact coaxial ceiling speaker, providing low distortion and a smooth natural frequency response ideal for articulate vocal clarity. The SP-628 has integrated steel backcan along with 24″ tile bridge which allows for quick and easy installation. ETL PLENUM RATED CONFORMS TO UL2043 STANDARD

Intended use:
Indoor environment, mounted parallel to floor plane in a 24″ wide suspended ceiling tile.
Power: 30 watts continuous
Impedance: 8 ohm
Finish: White powder-coated
Speaker wire included with package: West Penn Wire, 100 ft, Plenum-rated, 18 gauge, 2-conductor.


The TeachLogic CS-4 Ceiling Speaker Package consists of four SP-628 ceiling speakers.


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