Lucid ULD Pro Loudspeaker

The advanced Timed-Phase Array afforded by our Frequency Amplitude Beaming FAB ©  engine combined with our improved Radiating Grill assures ultra wide dispersion of all frequencies throughout the room while decreasing most common sound reproduction issues.

This weather resistant loudspeaker was designed in America and is hand assembled by highly skilled technicians in the Cleveland, Ohio fabrication facility. It is comprised of premium components, housed in an attractive, heavy duty, extruded PVC enclosure encapsulated in a durable, UV stabilized polymer coating. Each serialized unit is quality inspected and authorized by one of the staff and includes a signed certificate of performance compliance.

ULD Pro loudspeakers featuring our exclusive FAB© Beam-Forming engine outperform typical line arrays while substantially decreasing the disruptive sonic reflections associated with conventional loudspeakers. Their Interwoven Timed-Phased design in conjunction with the unique Radiating Grills assure wide dispersion of all frequencies.

Powerful, Neodymium-Iron-Boron, long excursion motors cover medium to large venues with modest amplification requirements. A system comprised of ULD columns is capable of providing exceptional intelligibility associated with the musicality you’ve come to expect. The Interwoven Time Phased design provides sonic balance from 100 Hz through the higher audio spectrum throughout the room without the excessive sibilance associated with many compression horn based systems.

Noisy environments, acoustically difficult rooms, reflections and reverberation issues are handled effortlessly with the Uniform Loudness Distribution design.

Houses of Worship, Schools, Gyms, Theaters, Live Venues and Corporate A/V presentation rooms will all benefit from our superb sonic qualities, resistance to feedback and unique flexibility.

It’s a creation which couldn’t exist without innovation across a multitude of disciplines.

  • Our Time-Phased© array Beam-Forms sound to create a stabile, even sound-field.
  • A pair of ULD’s can entertain thousands of people.
  • Helps eliminate Feedback, Echo and Reflections.

Due to its design it can actually outperform multiple conventional speakers at a lower cost. Simplify your installation and setup by utilizing the wide-field, uniform volume levels provided by the ULD Pro. 

The new design incorporated in ULD’s  produces excellent intelligibility with more consistent amplitude over distance while taming Feedback, Reverberation and Echo! 
Decrease your sound engineer’s workload while improving the user experience.


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