HoverCam Pilot 3 Interactive Adjustable Podium with i7 CPU

Write on the board without turning your back to the students!


The HoverCam Pilot 3 Digital Podium armed with a sleek multi-touch, powerful Intel Core i5 0r i7 (optional) computer running Windows 10, 4K document camera. It features a 21-inch 10-point multi-touch screen running Windows. It comes with integrated features like a high performance 13 megapixel USB 3.0 document camera for crystal clear presentations.

Every essential classroom technology at your fingertips

This digital podium seamlessly works with any interactive flat panel. Its front-facing technology allows for full classroom engagement and better learning.

  • Document camera built-in for real-time lesson sharing and extreme zooming capabilities for captivating and engaging your students. The possibilities of how you can implement this into your classroom are endless.
  • Annotation built-in for on-the-fly annotation. The HoverCam Pilot 3 comes bundled with the KnoteSter software suite. You can annotate over a playing video, slideshow, image, or chart. You have access to this annotation from both the interactive display, and from the HoverCam Pilot 3.
  • Recording feature that allows you to capture your lesson and/or classroom discussion for future use. This can be useful for demonstrating how a complex calculus equation is solved as a reminder for students (or if this is stored via a cloud server for students to access to view while studying).
  • Windows 10 OS included, meaning this podium is also a mobile desktop platform capable of installing/storing your windows applications. Programs from the Adobe suite, Microsoft Office, and Web Browsers for cloud-based programs and web viewing work on the HoverCam Pilot 3 (refer to specs sheet in the link below for detailed information).
  • Mirroring from Mac, iOS, Android devices, Chromebooks, PC’s, and more!

Wireless and Mobile

The HoverCam Pilot 3 digital podium also features a display of 1080P HD Video flawlessly without WiFi access and multipoint touch wirelessly synchronized between the Pilot and any interactive flat panel display (IFPD).

All of your presentation materials come to life

With HoverCam’s best document camera technology built in, all of your presentation materials come to life.

  • Stunning 4K clarity
  • 60fps no lag video
  • Annotate over live video
  • Zoom without losing resolution

Connect your PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, mobile device, or any external drive

The HCP3 Pilot 3 digital podium provides multiple ports which allow you to connect to a PC or Mac computer; or mobile devices like the iPad, to showcase content from multiple sources. Then annotate, record, or take snapshots from the podium!

Setup is a breeze and maintenance is easy

  • No wires to mess with
  • No drivers to install
  • No new apps to download
  • All essential hardware and software come prepackaged and ready to go
  • Manage all Pilot podiums from a central console
  • Components are upgradable and easily replaceable
  • Highly integrated configuration requires little repair work or maintenance

Pilot Podium PDF Specs Sheet


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