ezRoom Encore! (Control) (Standalone version)

Desktop user interface for virtually any device

Organizes all classroom device control into a single reliable desktop UI. Works either as a stand-alone interface — steering commands through serial ports or to IP addresses — or with FrontRow network controllers.

Real-time feedback

Encore™ supports bi-directional communication. With no code-writing, and when used with a FrontRow controller, Encore buttons can be configured to reflect the current state of projectors, AV switches and more.

Easy to build

The software package provides the tools needed by dealers and system integrates to quickly build Windows-based, graphical control interfaces. Using a standard Windows drag-and-drop environment, developers can create a unique look and feel for each interface, or can create a set of standard templates to be used on any number of projects. You can even import custom graphics and enjoy transparent mode operation. Yet these software tools require little training and no programming skills, while offering remarkable power and flexibility.

Immediate or scheduled actions

A single button press can initiate one or more simultaneous or chained actions. What’s more, you can program Encore to execute actions based on timed events — for example, shutting down all projectors at 8pm.

Remote update

As projectors and other controlled devices change, you can remotely update the software.

Automatic update and licensing

The DRS5000 server can save hours of work by auto-updating and auto-licensing your Encore copies — for example, when computers are wiped for the new school year.

Encore! for Windows/Mac*: Highly customizable AV control software and graphics for advanced setups when controlling an ezRoom. Add to an existing ezRoom or use standalone for network control.

Use this product (821-2000-200) if you are purchasing Encore stand-alone without a control panel.

*The Windows version of Encore can be used to create a Mac installer of your programmed software control panel.


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