ezRoom AV Wall Plate Kit with VGA & Audio


  • Decora®-compatible wall plate: Single-gang wall plate with flying lead to 13-pin DIN connector.
  • DB15 VGA input
  • 3.5mm audio input
  • 15m/50ft AV snake cable: Plenum-rated with locking 13-pin DIN connector and 2m/7ft fan out of audio/video leads


  • Decora®-compatible single-gang wall plate with DB15 VGA connector
    and 3.5mm audio connector. Attached flying lead with 13-pin DIN
    locking connector (Decora faceplate not included)
  • 50’/15m plenum-rated AV cable with 13-pin DIN to VGA and 3.5mm. 7’ separate
    leads for video and audio, allowing for 14’ of possible distance between
    the projector and optional separate audio amplifier
  • 6/32 x 3/4” mounting screws (2)


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  • Release Date: 13 March, 2018

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