ExamView Assessment Suite v.11 – MAC Basic Individual License (perpetual)

Within minutes, you can create assignments, launch classroom assessment questions and collect real-time responses to evaluate student performance.

ExamView allows you to create, administer and manage assessments using a variety of content.

Various Assessment Questions

Use traditional test question types such as true/false, multiple choice, multiple response, numeric response, matching, completion, short answer and essay to assess student learning.

What’s New with ExamView v11?

  • A perpetual instructor license with a one-time fee
  • Enhanced user interface with a clean, modern look
  • Improved Style Gallery templates to automatically format tests and easily mirror state and national test layouts
  • Expanded dictionaries to spell check content including American English, British English, Canadian English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Legal, Medical and Technical
  • New LMS integrations for Blackboard Learn 9.1, Brightspace by D2L, Canvas, Moodle 3.1.2, Sakai and Schoology
  • Comprehensive clicker support for QT2, QT, NXT, Pulse/Spark 360, Pulse/Spark, CPS Gen2 and CPS IR
  • Test Manager troubleshooting tips for response devices for polling, customizing sessions, and working with Device Manager
  • A Check for Software Updates feature to allow users to automatically receive v11 updates



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